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Greener Durability
Enabling Sustainbility

Greener Durability may seem ambitious for a chemical manufacturer. However, our extensive experience has shown us the difference our products can make.

Greener Durability isn't only about setting renewable energy targets and providing staff with electric vehicles, it’s about manufacturing the products that will piece together the climate protection puzzle. Greener durability is about enabling sustainability.

Greener Durability

How is Greener Durability enabling sustainability?

Vital pieces of the puzzle to solving a sustainable future would not be so readily available without adhesives. Wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles are all essential to fighting climate change.

It just so happens, high-strength and durable adhesives are essential in making these products widely available and long-lasting.

So called ‘Green’ adhesives can’t match the performance of these high-strength and durable adhesives. That’s why it’s essential to create quality adhesives first.
Then focus on how to make them more sustainable. Not the other way round.

Forgeway: Adhesive Innovative leader

Reducing Emissions

Not only are adhesives used on electric vehicles, but they are also used to make ICE vehicles lighter and more durable therefore making them more efficient.


Solving complex bonding problems isn’t about taking no for an answer. Looking for solutions to your sustainability targets is all part of the challenge. We’ll find a way.

Reducing waste

A more sustainable future is just as much about reducing waste as it is about reducing emissions. Smarter packaging, training, and smart production helps ensure our customers are reducing waste along with us.


Our adhesives improve the durability of vehicles. This leads to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. Less landfill, more quality products; Durability enables sustainability.