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Acrylic/Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives


The versatility of the Purok products means you can get anything from an impact-resistant structural adhesive to a specialist polypropylene bonder and other structural adhesives.

If you are looking for high-strength, fast-curing structural adhesives that requires minimal surface preparation, look no further than the Purok range.

We designed Purok products to help you speed up production.

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1. What are Acrylic adhesives?

Acrylic is the main polymer family that is used for acrylic adhesives. The Purok range mainly uses Methyl Methacrylate polymers in the base chemistry which belong in the acrylic family. This is why you may hear the Purok products being referred to as either Acrylics or Methyl Methacrylates. You can read more about acrylic adhesives by reading this article.

2. How does the Purok range help speed up production?

Not only can Purok adhesives cure very quickly (in less than 5 minutes) but they also require minimal surface preparation. You will only need to wipe the surface to remove contamination and the substrate will be ready to form a very strong bond.

3. Why do Purok products smell?

The smell from Purok products can be very pungent. However, this smell is mostly harmless. Users should ensure the area is well-ventilated and in some cases wear the correct PPE while they are using Purok products. Refer to the products specific MSDS to discover if there are any health and safety concerns to be aware of.

4. How much do Purok adhesives cost?

The cost of Purok adhesives will depend on the product and volume of your order. However, you can expect 400ml cartridges to cost around £18-30 and specialist adhesives cost around £45 - £90. You can find out more about exact cost by visiting our pricing page.

5. Where can I purchase Purok products?

You can either purchase Purok products through a distributor or from Forgeway themselves. If you're unsure about whether to purchase direct from Forgeway or through a distributor, you can read the article here discussing the difference or get in touch with a Forgeway consultant.