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Meet an Expert

Don’t wait for your adhesive challenges to fix themselves. They won’t.

Book a call with an Adhesive Expert if:

• You are experiencing supply issues with your adhesives
• Your current Adhesive is performing poorly
• You want to know how to improve profitability with adhesives

Don’t worry, we won’t sign you up to annoying emails or something you weren’t expecting.

An adhesive expert will ask you a few questions on a video call to help understand the challenge you are facing.

Who to talk with?
All of our experts are on hand and ready to help with any application questions you may have. However, you may use the cards below to book a meeting with an expert that has the most experience to deal with your specific circumstance.
Answering Technical Enquiries

For any technical or testing enquiries, book a meeting with Migelo

expert-profile-image Meet with migelo
Solving adhesive challenges

If you need to solve an adhesive challenge or are looking to work with Forgeway, book a meeting with Thomas.

expert-profile-image Meet with thomas
Helping distributors

If you are a distributor or existing customer, book a meeting with Truan.

expert-profile-image Meet with truan
Helpful Resources

While you wait for an expert to be in touch, here are a few articles that can help you find the answers that you need

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When it comes to using adhesives and bonding in manufacturing processes, technical issues can arise at any point.