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Mass transportation

Mass transportation vehicles require a tremendous amount of adhesives and sealants. Finding the right products at the right price has never been more important. Discover Forgeway's solutions tailor made for this industry.



The Aerospace sector has long been a pioneer in the use of adhesives. Aircraft safety is under constant scrutiny. Manufacturers need to make sure they are using the right adhesives and sealants to guarantee the safety of their aircraft. Research Forgeway's AS9100 compliant product range.


Luxury Marine

Luxury Marine craft need to look and feel premium. Without the correct adhesive and sealants on board, that luxury feeling can start to sink, literally. Discover Forgeway's range of adhesives and sealants designed to withstand the elements.


Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicles not only need to provide value to the end user. They also need to hold residual value. Durability and quality is essential. Discover how Forgeway's adhesives and sealants can help maintain your vehicle's residual value.


Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are continuously evolving to suit industry demands, sustainability targets, and government legislation. Amongst all that, their commercial vehicles need to be strong, durable and light enough to keep customers ordering. Explore how Forgeway's adhesives can make your commercial vehicles stronger, more durable, and lighter.



The Rail Industry is renowned for its focus on quality and standards. Rail manufacturers always have passenger safety at the forefront of their businesses. Standards like BS EN 17460 (previously DIN 6701) and EN45545 exist to ensure that adhesives, sealants and the bonding process are of sufficient quality to keep passengers safe. Discover Forgeway's range of adhesive products for the rail industry.



The construction market is responsible for building from the ground up. Construction projects must use products that can consistently and effortlessly perform. Discover Forgeway's range of adhesives and sealants for the construction market.


Product Assembly

Product assembly manufacturers who produce composite and plastic components are often at the forefront of advancing technologies and pushing boundaries. The product assembly industry have increasingly shown that adhesives can help increase durability of composite parts as well as help with weight reduction. Take a look at Forgeway's range of adhesives and sealants that can help product assembly manufacturers reduce weight and increase durability.


White Label Manufacturing

Over 50% of Forgeway's manufactured products are not in custom branding. Forgeway's manufacturing and development facilities have helped global adhesive brands produce market leading adhesives and sealants. Discover Forgeway's contract manufacturing capabilities.


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