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Decorative Surface Joint Adhesive

Purok® VX67

Purok VX67 is a hybrid acrylic adhesive for bonding decorative surfaces. It is designed for applications that need a non-sagging and UV stable adhesive to bond decorative surfaces like stone, granite, quartz and other solid surfaces.

Excellent UV Stability

Colour Matchable

Food safe




Purok VX67 is a specialized adhesive formulated for seamless joint sealing on decorative surfaces. With its non-sag formulation, it promises consistent application on quartz, corian, natural stone, and composites. A key feature is its remarkable UV stability, ensuring colours don't degrade when exposed to UV. Furthermore, the adhesive can be colour-matched to any shade, ensuring aesthetics aren't compromised. With minimal surface preparation required and a variable curing time ranging from 10 to 40 minutes, Purok VX67 stands out as a reliable choice for both efficiency and performance.

Note: Ensure adequate precautions, as it may cause skin and respiratory sensitization in some users.
Sizes Available
50ml Cartridge
250ml Cartridge
490ml Cartridge
Also available in bulk
Cure speeds
Purok VX67-15 cures in 15 minutes
Purok VX67-35 cures in 35-40 minutes


Decorative surface joining/repair:
Seamlessly joining sections of quartz, corian, or natural stone countertops, ensuring a unified and durable finish. The colour match and sandability helps ensure a seamless finish.
Contract Manufacturing/Kit Supply:
Perfect for kit supply of decorative surface manufactures who want the best products in their own branding.

Key features

Excellent UV stability
Colour Matchable
Food safe
Green Guard Approval
Non-sag and thixotropic
Variable cure time
Good chemical resistance
High durability
Minimal surface preparation required

How to use

Application Temperature:
Should be between 5℃ and 30℃. Higher or lower temperatures can impact cure speed and adhesive performance.
Surface Preparation:
It's recommended to clean substrates before application. Purok VX67 will not require any further surface preparation to ensure a strong bond.
Make sure to follow the proper instructions before using Purok VX67 as it is a two-component adhesive. Watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.



While it's optimized for decorative surface bonding, its properties may make it suitable for other applications. The versatility of this product means it is ideal for pretty much any bonding application. The fast-curing and good strength capabilities means it is ideal for general assembly bonding.

Due to the enhanced UV stability and good chemical resistance, Purok VX67 is capable of withstanding exposure to harsh conditions and still retain its colour. Even if there are spills or leaks on the decorative surface itself, it doesn't stain and affect the aesthetic of the bond.

One of the advantages of Purok VX67 is its ability to bond well to various substrates with minimal surface preparation, simplifying the bonding process.

The colour matching process is relatively simple. Simply contact your Forgeway representatitve and provide a RAL colour or a physical sample so the lab staff can scan an exact colour match.

Whilst strength isn't the main feature of Purok VX67, it still has enough strength to qualify as a structural adhesive. It can acheive lap shear strengths of more than 10 MPa with some materials.