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Structural Plastic Adhesive

Purok® VX90

Purok VX90 is a plastic structural adhesive. It is designed for applications that require an adhesive to bond low surface energy plastics with minimal surface preparation.

Excellent Adhesion to LSE Plastics

Minimal Surface Preparation Required

Toughened Formulation




Purok VX90 offers specialized adhesion for challenging low surface energy (LSE) plastics with minimal surface preparation, making structural bonding of plastics easier and more reliable. Its toughened formulation enhances bond durability, even when exposed to light impact and movement. Ideal for most plastics, composites, and metals, VX90 stands out with its primerless plastic adhesion, simplifying the bonding process. With a cure time of 5 hours, it provides ample time to reposition substrates if needed.

Caution: Handling Purok VX90 requires personal protective measures due to potential skin and respiratory sensitization.
Sizes Available
50ml Cartridge
200ml Cartridge
400ml Cartridge
Also available in bulk


Plastic bonding for industrial manufacturers:
As the shift towards using lightweight plastics continues for industrial manufacturers (especially vehicles) increases, the need to bond those plastics also increases.
Purok VX90 helps that become as seamless and easy as possible with minimal surface preparation needed and durable bonds created.
Aftermarket repairing of plastics:
When small components break off or become damaged, they often need fixing.
Purok VX90 helps this become a possibility, even with difficult-to-bond plastics.

Key features

Forms strong bonds with LSE plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE)
Requires minimal surface preparation
Impact toughened formulation
Bonds well to metals, composites and most plastics

How to use

Application Temperature:
Should be between 5℃ and 30℃. Higher or lower temperatures can impact cure speed and adhesive performance.
Surface Preparation:
It's recommended to clean substrates before application. Purok VX90 will not require any further surface preparation to ensure a strong bond.
Make sure to follow the proper instructions before using Purok VX90 as it is a two-component adhesive. Watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.



LSE stands for Low Surface Energy plastics, which typically are more challenging to bond without specialized adhesives. Common examples of LSE plastics are polypropylene, polyethylene, and PTFE (Teflon). These plastics often require a specialist primer or surface treatment (like plasma or corona treatment) to be able to form a strong bond.

Ensure surfaces are clean and free of contaminants. Though minimal surface preparation is required, a clean surface will ensure the best bond.

When we tested Purok VX90 in the lab, it often was stronger than the material we were testing. Materials like polypropylene and polyethylene often experienced substrate failure. An overlap shear strength of 16 MPa was achieved with Purok VX90.

Whilst the answer will often be yes, there are certain environments that will damage the integrity of the bond. Some chemicals and applications may affect the performance of Purok VX90. We always recommend testing the product in your exact application to guarantee durability.

While Purok VX90 has a handling time of 5 hours, a full cure time will take up to 24 hours. The open time for Purok VX90 is 15 minutes. Please note, that environmental factors like temperature and humidity may affect the cure time.