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Impact-Resistant Structural Adhesive

Purok® VX61

Purok VX61 is an acrylic structural adhesive that has increased flexibility. It is designed for applications that require a very high-strength adhesive to withstand light impact and vibrations.

Impact resistant

Excellent chemical resistance

Variable cure speed




Designed with the rigors of modern applications in mind, this adhesive is not just about bonding, but enduring. With a high lap shear strength, Purok VX61 can effectively bond metals, composites, and a broad spectrum of plastics. Its unique formulation offers increased flexibility, ensuring resilience against light impacts and vibrations. And with the excellent chemical resistance, it is an ideal choice for dynamic environments. The adhesive also boasts an extensive range of curing times, catering from rapid assembly lines at 5 minutes to projects that need more adjustment time up to 90 minutes. Alongside its chemical resistance, Purok VX61 emerges as a reliable solution for structural bonding that might face the occasional bump.

Note: Always handle with care, as certain users might experience skin or lung sensitization.
Sizes Available:
50ml Cartridge
250ml Cartridge
490ml Cartridge
Also bulk options available
Cure speeds:
Purok VX61-05 cures in 5-7 minutes
Purok VX61-20 cures in 20-25 minutes
Purok VX61-40 cures in 40-50 minutes
Purok VX61-90 cures in 80-90 minutes


Automotive Assembly:
Bonding components that may be subjected to impact or vibrations, such as door panels, undercarriages, or interior trims.
Structural applications requiring a fast-curing adhesive:
For applications that require the adhesive to have structural integrity and the manufacturing process requires a fast-curing adhesive to help speed up production.

Key features

High Lap Shear Strength
Increased Flexibility
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Extremely Variable Cure Speed
Bonds a Variety of Substrates
Impact-Resistant Structural Bonding
Requires minimal surface preparation

How to use

Application Temperature:
Should be between 5℃ and 30℃. Higher or lower temperatures can impact cure speed and adhesive performance.
Surface Preparation:
It's recommended to clean substrates before application. Purok VX61 will not require any further surface preparation to ensure a strong bond.
Make sure to follow the proper instructions before using Purok VX61 as it is a two-component adhesive. Watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.



The term acrylic is used to describe the base chemistry of Purok VX60. One of the main ingredients in the formulation is methyl methacrylate which is from the acrylic family.

Yes, Purok VX61 has excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications where the bond might be exposed to different environmental factors.

One of the advantages of Purok VX61 is its ability to bond well to various substrates with minimal surface preparation, simplifying the bonding process.

The varying cure speeds are for the different applications that Purok VX61 can be used for. If you need to bond large areas, the extended cure time is perfect. If you need to quickly bond materials to get the structure to the next stage of the process, Purok VX61-05 is perfect for you.

The answer is 'it depends' because it really does depend. However, for smaller quantities, you can expect the price to be around £40 for a 490ml cartridge. Larger quantities or bulk options will adjust the price.