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Rigid Structural Adhesive

Purok® VX60

Purok VX60 is a rigid acrylic structural adhesive. It is designed for applications that require a very high-strength adhesive that doesn't flex and forms a rigid bond and can cure quickly.

Very High Strength

Varying cure speeds available

Bonds well to a range of substrates with minimal surface prep




Purok VX 60 is a structural acrylic adhesive engineered for rigid bonding of dissimilar materials. It boasts impressive strength, making it ideal for securing metals, including galvanized steel, as well as composites and plastics. One of its standout features is its adaptability in cure speeds, ranging from a swift 10 minutes to a more gradual 40 minutes, accommodating varying application requirements. While it excels in bonding efficiency, Purok VX 60 also minimizes the need for extensive surface preparation.

Note: Proper handling is essential due to potential skin and lung sensitization risks.
Sizes Available
50ml Cartridge
200ml Cartridge
400ml Cartridge
Also bulk options available
Cure speeds
Purok VX60-15 cures in 15-20 minutes
Purok VX60-35 cures in 35-40 minutes


Industrial manufacturers needing fast curing:
The rapid curing options availlable make Purok VX60 ideal when downtime waiting for curing will hold up the manufacturing process. Typically ideal in industries such as marine, automotive, and composites.
Bonding joints that require stiffness:
The rigid characteristics once cured ensures the bond will not move and flex when put under strain. This is ideal for applications like signage and displays or chassis and structural bonds.

Key features

High strength bond
Rigid once cured
Variable cure speeds
Bonds well even to oily and galvanised metals
Toughened formulation

How to use

Application Temperature:
Should be between 5℃ and 30℃. Higher or lower temperatures can impact cure speed and adhesive performance.
Surface Preparation:
It's recommended to clean substrates before application. Purok VX60 will not require any further surface preparation to ensure a strong bond.
Make sure to follow the proper instructions before using Purok VX60 as it is a two-component adhesive. Watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.



Purok VX 60 is adept at bonding metals, including galvanized steel, composites, and a variety of plastics. However, it won't bond materials with low surface energy such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and PTFE (Teflon).

The smell comes from the uncured adhesive as it is an acrylic-based fomulation. We recommend using Purok VX 60 in a large and ventilated area.

Yes, direct contact can cause skin sensitization for some users. Additionally, it's recommened to work in well-ventilated areas as the smell can become overpowering.

Depending on specific requirements, Purok VX 60 can cure in as little as 10 minutes or take up to 40 minutes for a complete cure. A full cure can take up to 24 hours.

The term acrylic is used to describe the base chemistry of Purok VX60. One of the main ingredients in the formulation is methyl methacrylate which is from the acrylic family.