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Formoa 760 – Is there anything it can’t do?

The Adhesive Learning Centre | 1 min. read

Review of Formoa 760

As onsite manufacturers, we like to think we know our products and their applications inside out. However, even we couldn’t have predicted the versatility of one of our most popular products, Formoa 760.

760 was originally created for commercial and mass transit vehicle manufacturers to solve issues with underbody and chassis protection materials. It has since been found invaluable in many other situations. Formoa 760 is a solvent and isocyanate-free coating material that can be sprayed without fume or particle extraction, and has minimal overspray. It also dries to form a tough, durable and protective layer (preventing water ingress and corrosion) with very good adhesion to metals, plastics and painted surfaces.

Formoa 760 can be applied from bulk containers or from a 290ml cartridge via a simple-to-use air-powered gun. This ease of application might explain why users have found so many other applications for Formoa 760 beyond underbody protection.

Reported uses of Formoa 760 from our customers include: keeping rabbits and dogs protected from the elements; coating the inside of a luggage compartment to protect cases from damage; restoring a trailer to its former glory; coating storage boxes to keep them from slipping; sound deadening for metal clad buildings under flight paths; and waterproofing a Victorian lead-lined shower. The list goes on…

If you have found any of our products beneficial in unusual situations, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call, email or contact us on LinkedIn.

The Adhesive Learning Centre

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