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Product Focus 005: Forbond F5740C – Double Sided Tape to Fight Off The Cold

The Adhesive Learning Centre | 1 min. read

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Summer is well and truly over and autumn is upon us. Whilst we may still be enjoying the last of our warm evenings, it’s important to remember that the first morning frosts are just around the corner. In most instances, no other external factors are felt stronger than temperature and weather conditions. Adhesives are not exempt.

The outside environment, as well as the temperature of the substrate, can have a significant effect on adhesives and sealants in a few different ways. The cure speed will likely be affected first, decreasing the overall bond strength. In temperatures below 15°C (well above our average autumn temperature of 10.9°C and winter temperature of 3.9°C) the lap sheer strength (strength of bond under extreme tension) of double-sided acrylic adhesive tape can be reduced by up to 50%.

It is for this purpose that we developed Forbond F5740C. F5740C is a double sided adhesive tape incorporating a black, closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. It has a high performance, durable, modified acrylic adhesive on both surfaces and is protected by a LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) liner. Forbond F5740C achieves the winning combination of good tack (at temperatures down to -5°C), excellent bond strength and high durability. It has excellent weathering properties as well as good bond strength to various substrates; plastics including poly-carbonate, PVC and glass, wood, metals and most automotive paints.

Whilst originally designed for bonding alloy wheel weights in Scandinavia, its high tack makes Forbond F5740C ideal for many applications including mirror mounting, bonding of truck roofs, and panel assembly. If you’re interested in weather proofing with Forbond F5740C in time for winter, give us a call!

The Adhesive Learning Centre

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