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Very High Strength Structural Adhesive

Aerok® 7020

Aerok 7020 is a single-component structural epoxy adhesive. It is designed for applications that require an ultra-high strength adhesive that cures via heat.

Ultra High Strength

Minimal surface preparation

Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance


290ml Cartridge


Aerok 7020 is an adhesive that is amongst the highest performers. Designed primarily for bonding metals, this heat-curing adhesive boasts ultra-high strength capabilities, while still minimizing the need for intensive surface preparation. It also has high resilience against temperatures and chemicals, making it a go-to solution for those in search of uncompromising bond strength even in harsh environmental conditions.
Sizes Available
290ml Cartridge


Structural applications in harsh environments:
Aerok 7020 is ideal for applications that require a very high strength adhesive to remain durable even in harsh conditions like aerospace, automotive or marine applications.
Metal fabrication replacing welding:
Due to the high strength and temperature resistance, Aerok 7020 often replaces welding as a joining method where high strength and durability is required.

Key features

High Shear Strength
Impact toughened formulation
Excellent adhesion profile
Excellent chemical and heat resistance
Heat cured
Excellent Peel Resistance

How to use

Surface Preparation:
It is always essential to clean substrates before application. Unlike most epoxy adhesives, you will not need to extensively prepare the surface before application. Light abrasion will improve the bond perfomance though.
Due to the heat curing system, Aerok 7020 will require a heat oven of 100℃ for 60 minutes. Or will require a heat oven of 150℃ for 30 minutes.



While primarily formulated for metals, it may adhere to certain other substrates. But due to the heat-induced curing system, other substrates (like plastics and composites) cannot withstand the temperatures required to cure Aerok 7020.

The key to Aerok 7020's strength is its chemical composition. The epoxy-based formulation is the main reason why it offers such impressive strength. The real reason behind the strength is a secret though. It can achieve strengths up to 60 MPa which is nearly double the next strongest product from Forgeway (Aerok 8020 which is 35MPa).

No, despite requiring minimal surface prep, Aerok 7020 is formulated to provide an ultra-high strength bond. If you want to achieve even higher strengths then surface preparation (like abrasion and IPA wipes) can improve performance even further.

290ml Cartridge