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Long Open-Time Structural Adhesive

Aerok® 8040

Aerok 8040 is a slow-curing structural epoxy adhesive. It has high lap shear strength and a long working life. Aerok 8040 is ideal for applications that require a durable and high-strength bond, particularly in harsh environments.

Long open time

High shear strength

Excellent chemical and weathering resistance




Aerok 8040 is a structural epoxy adhesive designed for applications needing extended open times. Formulated for bonding composites and metals, it offers high shear strength and notable chemical and weather resistance. With a 9-hour curing period, it ensures thorough application and positioning flexibility.

Caution: potential skin sensitization for some users. Ideal for projects prioritizing precision and bond longevity.
Sizes Available
50ml Cartridge
200ml Cartridge
400ml Cartridge
Also bulk options available


Large-scale assembly:
Due to the extended working time, Aerok 8040 is ideal for bonding large materials. The working time allows for repositioning so that materials can be put in the exact right place before curing takes place.
Component Assembly in harsh conditions:
Given the complexity and precision required in aerospace parts, Aerok 8040's long open time ensures accurate positioning and structural bonding of intricate components even in conditions that experience exposure to weathering and chemicals.

Key features

Long open time
High shear strength
Toughened formulation
Excellent chemical resistance
Superior weathering resistance
Bonds well to metals and composites

How to use

Application Temperature:
Should be between 5℃ and 30℃. Higher or lower temperatures can impact cure speed and adhesive performance.
Surface Preparation:
It's essential to clean substrates before application. Aerok 8040 will often require abrasion to maximise performance.
Make sure to follow the proper instructions before using Aerok 8040 as it is a two-component adhesive. Watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.



Aerok 8040 has an open time of more than 90 minutes. It also achieves handling strength in 9 hours and a full cure in approximately 72 hours.

The chemical and weathering resistance is largely due to the epoxy-based formulation and the high cross-link density of the adhesive once it cures.
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Aerok 8040 offers a high tensile strength of 20MPa. This strength is similar to most common structural adhesives. It is what you should expect from a structural adhesive. Other structural adhesvies like Purok VX 61 have a similar tensile strength.

While Aerok 8040 is designed with user safety in mind, some individuals may experience skin sensitization. It's advisable to wear appropriate protective gear and follow handling guidelines.

Aerok 8040 is best suited for industrial manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive and marine manufacturers. However, any industry that requires a composite or metal bonding with excellent durability, Aerok 8040 is a good fit for.