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General Purpose Sealant Adhesive

Formoa® 004

Formoa 004 is a single component hybrid polymer sealant adhesive. It is designed for general purpose sealing applications that require a high-quality sealant with excellent stay white properties and can also be used for semi-structural bonding applications.

Low viscosity and easy to use

Excellent stay white properties and durability

Good bonding strength for sealing and bonding


290ml Cartridge

600ml Foil Pack


Formoa 004 is a general-purpose sealant adhesive that stands out in the realm of sealant adhesives. Tailored for those who seek reliability, it boasts impeccable durability and a bonding strength that means you can use the product as a multi-use sealant adhesive. The ease of use and overpaintability make Formoa 004 a versatile sealant for a range of applications. However, users should be mindful of potential allergic reactions, though this is very rare.
Sizes available
290ml Cartridge
600ml Foil Pack
Also bulk options available
Colours available
Black, White and Grey
(any colour available on request)


Industrial Applications that are sealing and bonding:
Industrial manufacturers that require one product in their process which can bond as well as seal. This helps to avoid the number of products being used and keeps cost and misapplication errors to a minimum.
Interior and exterior sealing/bonding applications:
Any lightweight bonding or sealing application that needs a high-quality product to remain durable and not compromise performance. The excellent stay-white properties make help it retain the aesthetic benefits.

Key features

Low viscosity and easy to use
Excellent stay-white properties and durability
Good bonding strength for sealing and bonding

How to use

Application Temperature:
Between 1℃ and 30℃
(Lower temperatures will increase thickness)
Surface preparation:
Clean surface to remove grease and contamination. Then apply Formoa surface activator prior to bonding and allow 10 minutes to flash off. General sealing will not require the use of surface activator.
Method will depend on foil pack or cartridge use. If unsure on the correct method of application, follow your company's SOP or watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.
Use an approved soapy solution before the skin over time.




Yes, once Formoa 004 is fully cured, it can be painted over. You can also colour-match the product to avoid the need for painting over. As there is no silicone based ingredients in Formoa 004, it will not cause paint bubbling or cracking.

Yes and no. Formoa 004 does not contain any silicone-based ingredients. Instead, it is an Hybrid polymer-based product. However, it is the same as silicone in that you can use Formoa 004 instead of a silicone sealant. It has higher performance properties than a silicone. So if you want a cheap and cheerful product, it isn't for you.

We have extensively tested Formoa 004 in our accelerated weathering machine. It provided very strong results. Even when exposed to harsh conditions, Formoa 004 remained strong and didn't have significant colour change.

You will need to wait at least 4-6 hours before putting Formoa 004 into light operation. It will take up to 72 hours for Formoa 004 to fully cure. The max open time of 30 minutes will mean you have to put the materials in place before that time otherwise the bond may be compromised.

No, Formoa 004 isn't a structural adhesive. However, that doesn't mean you can't use it in structural applications. Due to its impressive strength performance, it is more than capable of bonding lightweight substrates in place or applications that have a large bonding area.

The main difference between Formoa 063 and Formoa 004 is the performance. 063 is formulated for applications that require greater performance from the sealant adhesive such as exterior applications that are subject to harsh environmental conditions. The other main difference is the cost, Formoa 004 will cost around £1 less per foil pack.


290ml Cartridge

600ml Foil Pack