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ESC Reducing Adhesive Sealant

Formoa® 207i

Formoa 207i is a single-component MS Polymer adhesive. It is designed for bonding applications that may require sealant properties to help prevent Environmental Stress Cracking.

Helps reduce Environmental Stress Cracking

High Flexibility

Good strength


290ml Cartridge

600ml Foil Pack



Formoa 207i is meticulously formulated for applications demanding a non-aggressive yet effective adhesive. Recognized for its unique capability to minimize environmental stress cracking, especially in amorphous plastics, this adhesive ensures the integrity of the bond without compromising the substrate. Alongside its ability to bond as well as seal, the adhesive offers a dependable cure within 4-6 hours. Though inherently safe for usage, a small subset of users might be prone to an allergic reaction.
Sizes Available
290ml Cartridge
600ml Foil Pack
Also bulk options available
Colours available
White and grey


Amorphous plastic bonding for Industrial Vehicle Manufacturing:
The use of plastics has risen in recent years. However, some adhesives can attack the plastic and help speed up the environmental stress cracking process. Formoa 207i helps reduce the threat of the adhesive speeding up that process.
Internal/external bonding or sealing applications:
Due to the good strength and excellent flexibility characteristics, Formoa 207i can be used for both lightweight bonding and sealing applications. It's UV performance also means it will not degrade, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Key features

Helps reduce Environmental Stress Cracking
High Flexibility
Good strength
Very easy to tool and finish
Reduced viscosity = easy to use
Good UV performance
Resistant to many chemicals and solvents

How to use

Application Temperature:
Between 1℃ and 30℃
(Lower temperatures will increase thickness)
Surface preparation:
Clean surface to remove grease and contamination. You should only use Formoa Surface Activator OP for this application as it is specified for use on plastics prone to environmental stress cracking.
Method will depend on foil pack or cartridge use. If unsure on the correct method of application, follow your company's SOP or watch the 'How-To' video in the media section below.
Use an approved soapy solution before the skin over time.



Whilst cannot share the exact ingredients, Formoa 207i has been formulated with specific components that ensure a non-aggressive bond. This helps ensure the plastic under stres isn't exposed to chemicals that will help speed up the cracking process. Read more about environmental stress cracking here.

Yes, once Formoa 207i is fully cured, it can be painted over. As there is no silicone based ingredients in Formoa 207i , it will not cause paint bubbling or cracking.

Once fully cured, Formoa 207i exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Nonetheless, for specific chemical exposures, refer to the technical datasheet or conduct testing to ensure durability.

Formoa 207i bonds well with amorphous plastics (such as ABS, PVC, and Polycarbonate) as well as most metals, and composites. However, for low surface energy plastics (like PP, PE, or PTFE) or substrates with unique finishes, we wouldn't recommend Formoa 207i.

Its unique formulation, aimed at minimizing environmental stress cracking, makes it stand out. Many adhesives can bond plastics, but few ensure that the adhesive doesn't attack the plastic causing the cracking process to speed up.

290ml Cartridge

600ml Foil Pack