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Sprayable Sealant

Formoa® 760

Formoa 760 is a single-component MS Polymer sealant. It is designed for applications that require a sprayable sealant that will cure into a durable and flexible coating.

Sprayable coating for bonding or protecting

Good chemical and impact resistance

EN 45545 approval


290ml Cartridge


Introducing Formoa 760, an industrial solution for those seeking a premium, sprayable sealant. Expertly engineered with a very low viscosity, Formoa 760 ensures an even coat, minimizing overspray. As a sprayable underbody sealant, its mastery lies not only in adhering to metals, composites, and wood but also in its exceptional ability to help prevent corrosion and reduce vibrations. The EN 45545 accreditation means it can be used for certain bonding applications in the rail industry. Safety is integral; while it's gentle on most users, it's always important to be informed and take precautions if allergic reactions are a concern.
Sizes available
290ml Cartridge
Also bulk options available
Colours Available
Black and grey


Underbody Sealing for vehicles:
The primary application for Formoa 760 is underbody sealing in vehicles such as cars, buses, or recreational/commercial vehicles. It helps prevent corrosion and helps reduce vibration.
Seam sealing welded joints:
Where the bare metal remains exposed, Formoa 760 can help prevent corrosion from damaging the durability of the joint.
Bonding flooring or fabrics:
Due to the increased strength of Formoa 760, you can also use it to bond flooring or fabrics in rail due to the EN 45545 accreditation.

Key features

Sprayable coating for bonding or protecting
Good chemical and impact resistance
EN 45545 approval for use in rail
Low overspray
Ecological advantages - free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
Does not shrink, crack or harden
Professional OEM like finish
High specific adhesion on most substrates
UV resistant
Minimal health and safety considerations

How to use

Application Temperature:
Between 1℃ and 30℃
(Lower temperatures will increase thickness)
Surface preparation:
Clean surface to remove grease and contamination.
Application requires the use of a specialist gun and equipment to ensure even spray and a good finish. Contact the Forgeway team to discuss the correct application method.
Use an approved soapy solution before the skin over time.




Formoa 760 provides an even, consistent coating with reduced overspray, ensuring efficient application and optimal protection. It is also MS polymer based meaning it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or VOCs.

Formoa 760 is specially formulated to provide a barrier against moisture and external elements, significantly reducing the chances of corrosion on metal substrates. Any stones or debris that hits the sealant will struggle to chip the sealant layer due to the high flexibility.

No Formoa 760 doesn't contain any solvent. It is a solvent-free sealant.

Yes, you can easily paint over Formoa 760. The MS polymer-based formulation means it will not repel the paint when applied.

Whilst a full cure can take a few days, you can put Formoa 760 into light use after 12-24 hours.

290ml Cartridge