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What do the different Formoa Colours mean?

This page will help you decipher what the different colours are actually for.

Please note, some of the packaging colours may vary. There are instances where colours are different to the way we have promoted them on our website.

What is the benefit of using colour-coded packaging?

Whilst there are multiple branding and marketing benefits to colour-coded packaging, easy identification is the biggest benefit of using colour-coded packaging.

When manufacturing companies have operatives from multiple countries, the language barrier can cause miscommunication.


Miscommunication will cause two main problems:



Wastage and quality issues will erode profit.
Wastage may not seem like a big cost, but it can soon start to stack up.

So how does this all tie back to adhesives and colour-coded packaging?
Manufacturing companies with adhesive processes also experience miscommunication errors.This then leads to operators using the wrong adhesives for the application. As a result, waste and quality issues rise and profit decreases.

The worst part?
Companies can easily reduce both wastage and quality issues by using clearer packaging. Colour coding the packaging is one such way to remove the language barrier.
Colour is a universal language.

Quality testing

Quality issues

The relationship between quality issues and profit is much more clear-cut.
Not only could these lead to costly replacements, but they could also lead to warranty claims when the end product is in use.

It means any operator with any language can easily identify which product they should use.
It is also easier for supervisors to spot if an operator is using the wrong product.

We know colour-coded packaging isn’t going to completely remove wastage and quality issues with adhesive processes.
Ultimately, colour-coded packaging will help users identify the right adhesive product more quickly

As a result, quality and waste issues significantly reduce.