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Producing more profitable RVs with the right industrial adhesives

Buyers want longer-lasting Recreational Vehicles with better residual value.

Become the leading manufacturer in your class by using the right adhesive with the right processes.


How can you increase profitability of your Recreational Vehicle production


Start Maximising the Profitability of your Recreational Vehicles

Consistent quality, reduced quality issues and maximased profitability is dependent on Four Bonding Pillars.

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The design of joints and material profiling will have a significant impact on adhesive durability. Getting the design right will greatly increase the durability of bonds on your vehicles, ultimately increasing residual value.
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Forgeway's adhesives for the Recreational Vehicle Industry?

Here are some of the products we provide to recreational vehicle manufacturing

Formoa 063

Bonding and Sealing

Formoa 760

Underbody Spray

Purok VX90

Structural Plastic
Component Bonding

Formoa 207i

Amorphous Plastic
Bonding (Prevents ESC)


Product Overview

Take a closer look at the above products

Formoa 063
High Performance Sealant
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Formoa 063 is a single-component Hybrid Polymer adhesive sealant. It is designed for sealing and low-strength bonding applications that require a low viscosity and high grab sealant.
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Formoa 057
High Performance Adhesive Sealant
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Formoa 057 is a single-component Hybrid Polymer adhesive. It is designed for applications that require a faster-curing multi-purpose adhesive that has good bonding and sealing capabilities and is highly durable.
Primers & Surface Activators
E20 Wipes
Clean-Up Wipes
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Use E20 Clean-Up wipes for tooling up
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Helpful Resources

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The Role of Durability in Adhesive Selection: A Guide for Manufacturers and Engineers

You’re going through the adhesive selection process. You think you know what you’re looking for, but you keep hearing the term ‘durability’. You know that the strength of your adhesive selection is important. But you want how to ensure it has the right durability.

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How to Reduce Operator Bonding Error in Industrial Vehicle Manufacturing

Adhesives are used on vehicles all over the world. Unfortunately, sometimes these bonds can fail. Operator errors are responsible for more than 90% of bond failures in the field. That is a staggering amount.

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