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Bond whatever you want with the right industrial adhesive

We aren’t just adhesive manufacturers, we help you achieve peace of mind through testing and custom manufacturing.

Be truly confident you have chosen the right bonding method and improved your process.

Don't let your Existing Adhesive hold you back from Profitability

We get it. Resistance to changing adhesives is high. Getting Stakeholder buy-in is never easy. But here's what happens if you don't solve bonding challenges.

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Incorrect application and warranty claims

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Lower quality end products

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Decreasing profitability

Industrial adhesives:
Bonding a Sustainable Future

Whilst most adhesive manufacturers are promoting their ‘Green Adhesive’ solutions, we are sticking to what we know works; and works well.

From semi structural adhesives and sealants to two component structural adhesives, we have the products to help you solve your complex bonding challenges and create a future that is durable and sustainable.

Glue with high IQ

Here's how you solve your challenge

Before you reach the top of the 'Challenge Solved' mountain, there are three steps to take. Working with Forgeway through these three steps ensures no stone is unturned in the quest to reach the solution.

Solve your Bonding Challenge


  • Book a discovery call to discuss your challenges.
  • Establish whether your problem is greater than resistance to change.
  • Categorise your challenge into one of Forgeway’s five categories.


  • Forgeway analyses the challenge.
  • Testwork and innovation create potential solutions.
  • Forgeway presents a solution. You evaluate how the solution solves your challenge.


  • You agree a solution and it is implemented.
  • You gain knowledge and understanding of adhesives and bonding.
  • You combine forces with Forgeway to solve any future bonding challenges.

Now you realise it is more than just the adhesive product…

You’re at the point where you realise it is about the adhesive process rather than the product.
Here’s what we offer to help you get it right and maximise profitability:

Don't just take our word for it

Become truly confident your products will not fail

In order to do that, you need glue that you know how to use well.  But there’s a problem. You are facing resistance to change from stakeholders. This leaves you feeling at risk.

However, we believe that the way you’ve always done things shouldn’t be a barrier to change. We understand you can see the size of the problem, but others can’t yet. They don’t want to acknowledge there is a problem.

This is why we’ll work with you to take a holistic approach.
Together, we’ll solve the problem.


Greener Durability;
Enabling Sustainability

Whilst it is difficult for an adhesive manufacturer to claim to be ‘green’, the term greener durability is about the bigger picture.

Greener durability is not about:

  • Sweeping Greenwashing Claims
  • Amount of Solar panels installed
  • Amount of staff Electric Vehicles 

Greener Durability is about consistently producing quality products that provide long-lasting and durable bonds for essential sustainable champions like electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.

We know our products themselves aren’t green. But the most important puzzle pieces in the climate protection puzzle are glued together with our products. That’s why we are working towards ‘Greener Durability’.


Become an
Adhesive Expert