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Webinar: DIN 6701 and DIN 2304 explained

Thomas Besley | 2 min. read

Explaining the DIN 6701 webinar

Here at Forgeway, we have launched a free webinar in collaboration with Frank Stein of TBBCert explaining DIN 6701 and DIN 2304. This page is going to answer all the questions you may have about the webinar.


DIN 6701 and DIN 2304 explained

When is the webinar?

The webinar is taking place on September 29th from 2:00 pm BST to 3:30 pm BST.

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What is the webinar about?

Frank Stein of TBBCert is the guest speaker. He will cover the following topics:

– DIN 6701 Parts 2 to 4: Bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts.

– DIN 2304-1: Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for bonding processes

– ISO 21368: Adhesives – Guidelines for the manufacture of bonded structures

– TL A-0023: Technical delivery conditions for adhesive bonds of the German Federal Armed Forces

There will be a session at the end of the webinar for you to ask any questions.

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Who is the webinar for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about DIN 6701, DIN 2304, ISO 21368, or TL A-0023 should join the webinar.

But if you are unsure about whether you want to learn more on these topics, here are some reasons why you should join the webinar.

  • You are looking to create a simple and repeatable bonding process – these standards provide guidance on how you can create this
  • You want to ensure the quality of your end-product is consistent
  • You are looking to gain a competitive advantage by gaining additional accreditations

DIN 6701 and DIN 2304 both set out who should use them. While DIN 6701 is specifically for the rail industry, DIN 2304 applies to any company that carries out the following services:

  • Manufacturing products with bonded parts
  • Repairing products with bonded parts
  • Designing products with bonded parts
  • Distributing products with bonded parts
  • Distributing bonded parts and components
  • Contractors who carry out adhesive bondings

So, if you supply any of the above services to the rail industry this webinar is definitely for you as DIN 6701 will be relevant to your company.

However, DIN 2304 isn’t so specific to any industry. So typical examples of industries that use DIN 2304 are:

  • Caravan and motorhome industry
  • Bus and coach industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry

But this webinar isn’t specific to any industry or sector. It is free of charge to anyone who would find it interesting and useful.

What if you can’t make the webinar date?

Don’t worry if you can’t make the date. We will publish the recording of the webinar on our website.

If you would prefer to have a more personal experience, we will be doing recaps of the webinar. You can register your interest in a recap by clicking on the button below.

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Thomas Besley

Thomas is the Content Manager here at Forgeway. Thomas' job is to translate the technical jargon from the ivory tower of academia into easy-to-read content that everyone can understand. Forgeway's mission is to answer every question our customers and prospective clients ask, or are apprehensive to ask.