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Webinar FAQs: Plastic Bonding Masterclass questions answered

Thomas Besley | 2 min. read

In the world of industrial manufacturing, bonding plastics is a nuanced and intricate process. Whatever market you’re in, understanding the intricacies of plastic bonding is crucial to ensuring product durability and performance.

This is why we’ve joined forces with industry experts to help you understand the plastic bonding process. From plastic selection to adhesive choice, we’ve got it all covered in The Plastic Bonding Masterclass.

This short post will help you understand the webinar to understand what it’s all about.

Why should you Attend the Plastic Bonding Masterclass?

  1. Expert Insights: You’re not just tapping into Forgeway’s extensive experience on this topic. We’ve also invited two distinguished guest speakers to share their expertise:
    • Jeff Jansen: A seasoned professional from a renowned plastic consulting company, Jeff brings a wealth of experience in assisting companies with their plastic applications. He will be discussing why plastics (polymers) have become more popular, what the different types of plastics there are, and which one you should choose for your application.
    • Professor John Watts: A leading figure in materials science from the University of Surrey, Professor Watts will provide a special video segment focusing on surface analysis and adhesion. His insights into the science behind bonding are not to be missed. Professor Watts will discuss the important of preparing plastics’ surfaces before bonding, why surface energy plays a critical role in adhesion, and what you need to consider when preparing plastics.
  2. Practical Applications: A representative from Forgeway will also be presenting, offering practical insights and solutions from our extensive experience in the adhesive industry.
  3. Interactive Q&A Session: Have questions? Our Q&A session at the end of the presentations ensures you leave with clarity and actionable knowledge.

Who Should Attend the webinar on Bonding Plastics?

This webinar is a perfect fit for:

  • Industrial manufacturers from one of the following markets
    • Recreational Vehicle
    • Bus, Coach, and Mass Transportation
    • Commercial vehicle
    • Marine
    • Composites
    • Automotive
    • Product assembly
    • Aerospace
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of plastic bonding for large-scale applications.

However, this webinar is not a good fit if you’re working on a DIY project looking to bond smaller plastic components. This masterclass might delve into complexities beyond your needs.

Where will the webinar be held?

The webinar will be held on Zoom at 3:00pm BST on 27th September.

How long is the webinar?

We are hoping the webinar will be around 50 minutes with time at the end for a Q and A session.

  • Introduction – 5 minutes
  • Material Selection – 15 minutes
  • Surface preparation – 15 minutes
  • Adhesive selection 15 minutes
  • Q&A session – 10 minutes

If you would like to submit your questions, make sure you head over to this link.

How do I sign up for the webinar?

Signing up is very simple. Simply fill in your information on the form below or head over to the webinar subscription page. From there, you will be contacted with all the important information.

Thomas Besley

Thomas is the Content Manager here at Forgeway. Thomas' job is to translate the technical jargon from the ivory tower of academia into easy-to-read content that everyone can understand. Forgeway's mission is to answer every question our customers and prospective clients ask, or are apprehensive to ask.