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Video: Bonded Bus Series – Episode 1: The Windshield

Thomas Besley | 1 min. read

Video: Bonded Bus Series – Episode 1: The Windshield

In the competitive world of bus manufacturing, efficiency and innovation drive success. One of the critical challenges manufacturers face is the installation of windscreens, which not only need to be securely bonded but also precisely aligned and held in place during the bonding process. Traditionally, this required the use of clamps or suction cups, complicating the process and extending installation times.

Our latest video highlights a solution to this challenge: the use of high-grab adhesives. This adhesive technology is transforming windscreen installation by allowing immediate and strong adhesion without the need for mechanical support.

The Unique Advantage of High Grab Adhesives

The video demonstrates the application of a specially formulated high-grab adhesive that offers exceptional initial strength. Once the adhesive is applied to the windscreen's perimeter, the glass can be positioned directly onto the bus frame.

The adhesive's robust initial grab holds the windscreen firmly in place, eliminating the need for any physical supports. This not only streamlines the installation process but also reduces the labour and time involved, significantly boosting production efficiency.

Bonding the windscreen onto the buses

Watch as the bus manufacturing team expertly applies the adhesive and positions the windscreen. The adhesive’s capabilities are immediately apparent as the windscreen remains stable and perfectly aligned without any external support. This method not only ensures a faster installation but also enhances the overall structural integrity of the vehicle by providing a uniform stress distribution along the bond line.

How this helps the bus manufacturer improve process times

This advanced adhesive application is not just about improving efficiency; it's about enhancing safety and durability. The secure bond formed by the high grab adhesive ensures that the windscreen contributes to the vehicle's structural strength, offering better resistance to impacts and road vibrations.

Join us in this detailed video as we showcase the future of windscreen installation in bus manufacturing, illustrating how innovative adhesive solutions are setting new industry standards.

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